Thursday, 20 July 2017

We Could Be Bowie

[This post was originally published on my website on 26/2/16, and is now here as that site has been updated]

So I’ve been thinking about David Bowie a lot since he died. He was – and will always be – a massive hero and inspiration to me. Now I’ve finally got round to uploading this – the first of many that will eventually appear on my Youtube channel.

In September 2010 I got together a bunch of musical friends and had the privilege of performing an evening of the songs of David Bowie at the Hanbury Ballroom in Brighton. The event was called ‘We Could Be Bowie (Just For One Day)’ and featured a great house band with several special guests including one Herbie Flowers – legendary rock and jazz bassist who played on the original David Bowie/Space oddity and Diamond Dogs albums, plus tours and other records with Bowie (and many more great artists).

I was just going to post the music but Herbie’s banter is so lovely I had to leave it in, and his performance here on bass is a master class in feel and groove…

The band were:

Herbie Flowers (bass)
Alex White (drums)
Rachael Wood (guitar)
Ralph Brown (vocals)
Phil McDonald (percussion)
Gabriel Piers-Mantell (keyboards)
Joe Erber (keyboards)
Julian Nicholas (saxophone)
Rachel Mosleh (backing vocals)
Glenn Richardson (backing vocals)
Kit Ashton (vocals and guitar)
Chris Britt (bass – for the rest of the gig!)
Colin Walker (sound)

Other special guests that night were:

Robin Coward
Glenn Richardson
Stuart Flynn
Jo Harman
Emily Baker
Jo Wallace
Miles Heathfield
Ian Sillett
Ralph Brown

Thanks to Stefano Quaglia for sticking a camera in our faces and Alex White for remastering the sound and reminding me this existed!

And thanks to David Bowie… for everything.